They get it.

A review of SELLER SNAP by Charles H
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Charles H
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They get it.
16 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

Simply they get it.

I tried higher priced. I tried lower priced. This is what works.
Selling on Amazon is a game. They know it. They know how to play the game. Lower repricers simply create a race down even if you set to reprice above (someone else wont). The prices simply drop. Even the higher one I tried did this. It had some more advanced fancy reports and a "coach" but was simply not worth the fees.

Strip away all that fluff and you are left with what you need. A repricer that works how it should.

When you play repricing as a game you are always moving the price around. This allows your competition to run out at a low price hence allowing you to have inventory available at a higher price.

Works well to bring us more ROI per sale.

How was the support?
Top notch support. Every time I ask for help I get immediate assistance. I have requested little feature updates and some were implemented in a day. Its these little things that save me time and make seller easier. They listen. They help.
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