Empty promises, broken marketplaces, no help

A review of SellerActive by drenee
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Empty promises, broken marketplaces, no help
17 Jan 2018
They pitch a hard sale in the beginning about all of the great things Seller Active can do. We have many channels, and were mostly needing their listing tools, which ultimately did not work. We were attempting to list to Jet, and they ended up creating a bunch of wrong listings that just sat in the account and no live listings ever created. I had to research on my own how to create the listings and was able to get them through by using ANOTHER application. I went back and forth with their support, who knew less about how the application worked than I did. They promised they would fix the errors, and it never happened. They promised this and that, and literally, none of it ever happened. Their "setup" fee is a ****, because they set up nothing and actually created a HUGE MESS in all of our accounts that I had to manually fix after leaving them. I wasted so much of my time with Seller Active, I wish I would have NEVER tried them out. They offered a full refund of my previous payment, and only sent part of it. Of course they would, right?
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Re: Empty promises, broken marketplaces, no help
2 May 2018
which app did you end up using to get your listings up and running?
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