Shady practices and petty people

A review of FeedbackFive by Amanda Flint
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Shady practices and petty people
18 Jan 2018
I signed up for a free trial and quickly decided this wouldn't work for our business. I couldn't find a mechanism for canceling in the account, so I deleted the Amazon credentials. As a result, the service never sent out a single email to our customers. Nonetheless, FeedbackFive billed us for the service.

When I brought this to their attention they first said I needed to talk to them on the phone about why this didn't work for us. I declined and insisted on a full refund. They put X on the case, and she rude and argumentative. We went back and forth a few times and it was clear she was just there to argue and was not going to reverse the charges. I told her I would file a dispute with my credit card. Her response:

"Please note that this communication, as well as all other supporting documentation associated with your FeedbackFive account, will be submitted with the rebuttal for any chargeback request received."

I have met X and others from this company in person. We have a large store and know a lot of people in this industry. I will never understand why a company like this would try so hard to alienate a potential customer and invite bad word of mouth.

I have also seen this company use "affiliates" and clearly unbiased reviews to market this service. You'll find these advertisements disguised as posts on the Amazon Seller Forum. If this company has a good product, why do they have to use these shady practices?

Again, we never had a single email go out through this service. They can try to keep our money on a technicality, but they know we didn't use this service at all. That is no way to run a business. My advice to other sellers: Don't even sign up for the "free" trial unless you time to waste and a high tolerance for hard-sell nonsense.

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