Channelmax limited registrations

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Channelmax limited registrations
5 Aug 2008
Can't find noted anywhere (including the ChannelMAX site) but I inquired about signing up and Paul replied that they are "currently registering only for Amazon repricing and Amazon/eBay order management ".

All I can say is what timing - I've been researching which eBay management software to use for our upcoming business venture, and was stoked about Channelmax, just to find out that they are "revamping the whole process".

I couldn't get any feel from Paul as to how long they will be in this mode.

So, just a FYI
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Re: Channelmax limited registrations
7 Aug 2008
Hi DCIGary,

Appreciate your interest. Over the last year and a half of operation, we have grown significantly and also understood the market need quite well. So we are now in a recess period during which we will make sure that all our current customers (many hundreds) are absolutely satisfied, all feature requests are implemented and convert ChannelMAX to Web 2.0 for great user experience and make ChannelMAX poised for future growth for years to come.

We are still open for two of the services

1) Amazon Integration (including Amazon Seller Central Repricing). We also welcome sellers who sell in both Amazon and eBay (and/or Half.COM).

2) Complete Order Management

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Re: Channelmax limited registrations
1 Dec 2008
Any updates? I think there are a few "core" members on this site that would be interested in joining (including myself)

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