Would not recommend, avoid this company if possible

A review of Rakuten Super Logistics by anon1235
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Would not recommend, avoid this company if possible
19 Jan 2018
I hired this company to handle our fulfillment side for a long time. This company used to be called Webgistix before being bought out by Rakuten.

It's true they can ship within the timeframe they advertise but often they will misweigh your products so if most of your items are lightweight and if you rely on USPS first class or equivalent you will find many orders being weight incorrectly and grossly over pay for shipping.

And guess what, it's your job is to comb through the reports every week to catch these errors and complain to them and hope that they will credit you for their mistakes. Also, if you report any errors after 30 days they will not honor it.

Customer service is horrible at this place, yes they will respond to your email within a day but you will be assigned an account rep that's in east coast and they will communicate with warehouse in west coast on your behalf. Simple tasks took days, even weeks at times to complete.

Inventory would go missing and according to them when they do a count cycle and is within 98% you're out of luck they are not responsible.

The service used to be mediocre, but towards the end it deteriorated pretty hard and it was a nightmare wasting countless hours finding and reporting their mistakes and they never seem to care to implement any changes to prevent further complaints.
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