Shocking Service with No Result

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Shocking Service with No Result
25 Jan 2018
We paid Thompson & Holt a significant amount to help with an old Amazon account in the USA which had been suspended.

After lots of to-ing and fro-ing (we're talking months and months) and basically sending the same email to the same email address over and over again, I decided to look further into the appeal they had written.

To my horror, T&H had not even addressed all of the points of concern that Amazon raised. I mean - even I could see that (maybe I should have done it myself!)

At this point, having wasted 6 months of repeatedly sending an appeal which was never going to work, I pointed out the issue (and also several other claims which their website had made which certainly hadn't happened in our case) to one of the partners in the business and said that under the circumstances I thought it was fair that we have our money back.

He flat out refused, claiming that they were entitled to the money as they had helped out with our case, and that they would be happy to continue working with us. No mention or apology about the missing important info from the appeal.

I replied stating that I had little confidence in them any more, and did they have any other plan besides sending the same email over and over again, to which I never received a reply - and thats where our experience ended.

In the end I went to Amazon Sellers Attorney who completed an appeal which not only addressed everything that was required, but also in a much more detailed appeal (and we're talking about 3x the detail of the Thompson & Holt appeal).

So while for some people T&H did a great job, its not quite as clear cut as their sales patter makes out.

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