Worst experience with a company since I opened my business

A review of WebInterpret by BoutiqueAcademia
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Worst experience with a company since I opened my business
25 Jan 2018
I have an ecommerce business that ships all over the world, with a website through Shopify. I was contacted by WebInterpret for what sounded like a great plan: they would translate my website and offer cheaper shipping options for international customers than what I could provide. It sounded like a good idea, they were through PayPal and seemed reputable, so I agreed to give it a try. Here's what happened over the next few months:

1. They told me that my website was done being translated and sent me a few sample pages. It all looked fine, so I gave them permission to make it live for international shoppers.

2. I started shipping through their service and within two weeks started having trouble. Coupon codes didn't work. Customers complained that there was no language on the checkout page that said they would be responsible for VAT fees (even though it's on my own website). Soon I realized that Webinterpret had only translated my checkout page and not my entire website. And in addition, they were only offering their own international shipping options instead of also including my own shipping options like they said they would. Because my own shipping options were less expensive, my international sales dropped.

3. Customers started complaining that their orders were not arriving as quickly as the Webinterpret shipping options had promised. I spent hours and hours trying to track down packages and emailing back and forth with Webinterpret customer service agents. Months later there are still lost packages. And because Webinterpret subcontracted the shipping out to various local shipping services but didn't share that information with me, I have few options for contacting them. Many of these local shipping services won't look up packages if they are contacted by the recipient, but instead must be contacted by the company that sent the packages. This is a problem because I don't speak, say, Russian or Italian or whatever the local language is, AND it's unclear whether they consider me to be the sending company or Webinterpret (which forwards packages from a central hub within the US).

4. Because I care about my customers' experiences, I have had to offer refunds for a number of these orders even though it is unlikely that any of the lost packages will ever get returned to me. I have lost hundreds of dollars on lost inventory and lost time just dealing with the fallout, which unfortunately for me happened over Christmas during the biggest shipping season of the year.

Seriously, as an entrepreneur, this has been by far the worst experience I have had in eight years of owning a company. I have tried dozens and dozens of different apps and ecommerce services through Shopify, and this was 100% the worst. Do yourself a favor and don't let them do the same thing to you.
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