Do not do anything else until you contact Thompson and Holt

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Do not do anything else until you contact Thompson and Holt
30 Jan 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

You have been suspended. You are freaking out. DO NOT CONTACT AMAZON. Contact Thompson and Holt. Your first response gets read by Amazon the quickest. You want that to be the response that solves the problem. If anyone can give you this response, Thompson and Holt can. Our first response (with no help from Thompson and Holt) was read 9 hours after we submitted it. Then we contacted T and H. The second appeal was responded to 48 hours after we submitted it (and I think we go lucky!) Make sure that your first appeal is the right one.

Could anything have been better?

When your account is suspended, the minutes pass like hours. You want an immediate response to your inquiry. You may have to wait an hour or two. Ours was a weekend case. We are in a time zone about 6 hours behind T and H. Please take this into account.

How was the support?

They solved my problem on the first try. How can you get better than that?
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