I didn't know about signature confirmation , its my first s

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I didn't know about signature confirmation , its my first s
31 Jan 2018
I filled out my eBay form online to sell my computer. I didn't know about signature confirmation and buyer said they didn't receive the computer and I'm now out of a computer and $900.
my first argument is: I filled out the section on eBay form for me to sell my laptop I checked that I wanted the buyer to pay for the laptop. this is my first sale I really don't have the extra money to do special deliveries, in fact I only had enough to mail it out. that's why I picked I wanted the buyer to pay for it. so when it was time to ship the laptop I went to retrieve the funds from PayPal and I wasn't able to use it because they said I'm a new seller and I will have to wait a certain amount of time before I can use the funds. But before that they actually wanted to take $500 of that computer money because they said a transaction I did months ago was fraudulent because the person said the money was stolen
. not by me, but by somebody else and paypal wanted me to pay for it. Paypal ended up siding with me because it was money that I earned and person. lied to get it back . Point number two:. in the user agreement it is said the any high risk person selling or buying , paypal will contact that person and give Specific Instructions of what to do next in mailing or sending out money. I was not even given an email or phone call nor was I given a consultation on how to mail or receive as a high-risk member. I asked to use the money to mail the laptop and they said no because now the stipulations of a new seller is what I'm classified as. I didn't argue I just moved forward and got $20 went to USPS and I got the best that I could get for $20 which was Priority flat rate mail. I honestly couldn't afford anything else so what I did was inform the buyer that the item has been shipped with a tracking number but i also I took a picture of my receipt to show that I did alI i could and that I'm trusting them with my information , my receipt, to make him more comfortable about receiving the laptop. conversation was good, we were both excited and when the day came when the tracking showed that it was going to hit on that exact time , I texted the buyer and informed him of the good news . it turned out the buyer wasn't even in town he said he'd be back at his place the next day. which I found very odd because I gave him the picture of a receipt and he knew how it was getting shipped and mailed and what it was lacking. but more suspicious was that when someone would spend $900 And decide not to be there to receive that gift. That's strange. but I didn't say anything I just waited patiently another day because I couldn't touch the money until this person confirmed that they received the product . and the buyer knew this. so I wake up the next day to An email of this person acting horrified that the computer is not there. if I spent $900 on a computer and I was given a receipt of how it was going to get there I would have made sure either I myself or a friend would have picked it up. I would not have left that
computer on my doorstep for a whole day. point number 3: is that the buyer waited a whole day to even check if the computer was there.
through emails back and forth I realized the buyer was ****ming me but I didn't think it was possible. again I didn't know I needed a signature confirmation over $750. through the dispute eBay sided with me because I did show a tracking number and the right address . on the other hand PayPal stepped in and said if I don't have a signature confirmation it is almost guaranteed that I will lose. so basically threw how I ended up with nothing. I was selling a very good product and now I have nothing. the start of what I thought would be a business for me and my family to have extra income because we have a newborn daughter, was now ripped apart by PayPal. so now I'm in the appeal process and without signature confirmation, they are saying I'll lose. What do I do? Please help
whatever it takes