Great support, but confusing site

A review of Direct Liquidation by freeway92needle
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Great support, but confusing site
2 Feb 2018
I have heard about Direct Liquidation from a friend recently who received a couple of pallets he ordered on their website recently. He seemed satisfied but I wanted to check this out for myself and for the past couple of days I have been browsing the site and spent quite some time today reading through the shipping options. The products on offer seemed ok, and the manifests are available which is reassuring at least. But the shipping options had me confused and I could not get the hang of organizing everything to have a lot of iPhone 6s models. The prices are reasonable but we will see whether I’ll be smiling at the end, after all it is a sizeable investment for me.

Anyway, the shipping had me a bit confused, but luckily Direct Liquidation has a live chat so I took my chance. The operator luckily was really helpful. He walked me through all the steps and explained in detail what I needed to do. Now while I arranged everything and am awaiting for the package to arrive, I wish the information on the website was a bit more clear so that I don’t have to spend additional time chatting with the operator, it would have saved me time. Yes I will know for the next time I buy, if a buy from Direct Liquidation, but first time buyers might have similar issues as well and I guess the operators have their hands full.

That could be the only negative note I have about the site and it is probably the only reason I gave them four stars.

As for the stock, I usually buy and sell smartphones, Apple iPhones or Android phones and I was surprised with the the available choices. I did not expect the newest models but seeing the prices for iPhone 6s when all is factored in, it’s a good deal. Not only that, a lot of items on offer are being sold by Walmart and there are a bunch of accessories on display as well. I did have to check their grading system since a lot of these lots had various descriptions and grades. The lot I purchased was graded as Refurbished (Grade B - Unlocked) so I might add a new comment soon just to verify the grading system. It says the products are retail ready with slight blemishes, so I guess we’ll see what a ‘slight blemish’ is according to Direct Liquidation.

I also saw a bunch of Untested Customer Returns being offered. The part that intrigued me was that according to Direct Liquidation’s description, while the products are untested there is a 75 percent plug and play success chance. I don’t know where this stat is from and they note that there is no guarantee 75 percent of the products will be in working condition, I might take my chance one day and see whether this type of investment is worth taking a risk. The price is appealing though. I’ll give my final verdict when I receive my stuff.
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