Kenneth got my Money and my Amazon seller account back

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Kenneth got my Money and my Amazon seller account back
2 Feb 2018
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excellent appeal letter, Kenneth and his staff know how to write appeals that address the root cause of your suspension and how to fix it.

Kenneth, got my Amazon seller account back. I was banging my head going back and forth with Amazon seller support for a month. I asked Kenneth for help. He saw the flaw in my appeal and wrote me a new one. I submitted to Amazon and got the $3K they were holding from me and the ability to sell on the platform again.

Kenneth and his staff were responsive to chat and email. In addition, they were courteous and prompt with responses. I highly recommend their services. It is a bargain price considering the alternative, because let's face it, without the ability to sell on Amazon most of us do not have better options.

Could anything have been better?He got my account back, nothing could be better

How was the support? He responds promptly to email and chat. He also give you a free consultation and will give you advice on your appeal letter before charging
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