Formula and Profit based Min/Max from Alpharepricer

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Formula and Profit based Min/Max from Alpharepricer
5 Feb 2018
At AlphaRepricer, you can set your Min and Max prices in minutes. Yes, even if your inventory is in the thousands. Use formulas to define how you want the Min and Max prices to be set. AlphaRepricer willl then use the formula to set those prices for you. Test it out on your items to see if you like the results. And in no time you can have Min and Max for all or selected inventory. You guessed it; you can have multiple formulas. Because one formula may not be a good fit for all.
Do you want to base your Min Max on your profit? We have got you covered. Amazon fees are already calculated for you by AlphaRepricer's system. You can add whatever other costs you incur; Acquisition, shipping. We will show you what your profit will be. If you like it, apply it. If not, you can go back and make adjustments.
We have many features that ease the repricing process. Our repricing is continuous and affordable.
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