Magento Shipping Case Study: The Bamboo Flooring Company

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Magento Shipping Case Study: The Bamboo Flooring Company
6 Feb 2018

Magento Merchants Enhance Delivery Experience with Parcelhub

A recurring theme amongst successful startups seems to be entrepreneurs quitting their job to launch a company in the same industry. Bucking that trend, Chris Elliott launched The Bamboo Flooring Company in 2004 following a career in product manufacturing and engineering.

Chris witnessed the demise of British manufacturing and the shift to reliance upon cost-effective East Asian production, stating “if you can’t beat them, why not join them?” and decided to go to the bank, get a loan and start importing from China.

Well-read on the latest trends and product innovations in home décor, Chris launched a website on the Magento platform (which is trusted by over 650,000 merchants worldwide), selling custom bamboo flooring and accessories and managing stock from a floor above a local retail store.

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