JOE Lister is Simply AMAZING

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JOE Lister is Simply AMAZING
9 Feb 2018
ABSOLUTELY.., is so easy to use that even I can do it , I used to be an eBay seller but I did not like the fact that I had to write the descriptions. Thanks to Joe Lister, I Am BACK on eBay and making money, the listings created by JL are simply astonishing very professionals and converts very good! a couple of clicks and like magic, my Amazon inventory is listed on eBay.

The order processing goes "smooth as silk", not even one complaint from my customers on eBay;

The pricing tool is fantastic you can set the price to keep profits in sync with the one on Amazon, or, you can set the prices via markup, you have visibility of all fees all the time, even the JL tool give you the latest price that the product sold on eBay for your reference.

The technical support team and Customer service are superb, very knowledgeable and responsives.

Thank you Joe Lister, you've made my eCommerce easier since the beginning
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