Software to run my own Snipe Service

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Dave S.
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Software to run my own Snipe Service
20 Aug 2008
Am looking for either a turn-key server software package that lets me run my own snipe service or one written in c# that I can modify. After looking through countless sites across the internet, I have not found a software supplier for this. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
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Re: Software to run my own Snipe Service
25 Aug 2008
Hi Dave, welcome to the forum

I don't think you will be able to buy snipe service software off the shelf. Elements of it - such as the membership system - could be drawn from standard packages but the core sniping service would need custom-coding.

Have you looked at getting it written for you via Elance, rent-a-coder, or other similar site?

By the way, there are dozens of sniping services out there - some of which are free - so I wouldn't recommend entering that market!

If you are looking at adding a sniping service to an existing site you could talk to AuctionStealer who run many rebranded versions of their site, such as HammerSnipe (for HammerTap).
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