inkFrog is a rudderless ship

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inkFrog is a rudderless ship
10 Feb 2018
inkFrog has slowly declined in terms of usefulness.

Communication - No communication unless you open a trouble ticket. No error status, no community boards, information from technical can be rude or worse, totally nonsensical.

Documentation for Open - It is very sparse or nonexistent. Promised tools never appear, even after years.

Errors/Downtime - This is becoming a huge issue from days with very little site downtime to a recurring event.

Open - Is poorly designed and when forced to use it during the days long Classic outage, listings failed every single day.

The bottom line is Greg and his team do not have the vision or the skills to make a good polished product in a timely manner. He needs to hire someone who can push the programmers with a vision towards efficiency, speed, effectiveness, common sense, flexibility and design.

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Re: inkFrog is a rudderless ship
11 Feb 2018
I agree. I have been with this company almost since its upstart and can tell you that the OPEN format is AWFUL and not user friendly and nearly impossible to decide if you have relisted an item or not might as well use paper inventories... and well.... I believe the fact that classic is down for over 10 days is a force issue to get us all to change to open. I have contacted the BBB and suggest everyone else on this site do the same. It is just a poorly functioning business and to say there is customer service is a real stretch.
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Re: inkFrog is a rudderless ship
11 Feb 2018

Fully agree... Have been with IF since SpareDollar +_ 15 years and going through the several updates..changes of Inkfrog.

Open total disaster.Hardly any of IF Classic has been transferred to Open.

Open, very time-consuming, click, click, and more click, just to make simple operations. Badly organized

Been contacting IF several times but response a canned email or " Our programmers will look into it" and nothing happen.

In my opinion and from experience, no changes or improvement has been made the last year to get Open to function.
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