It's the only program of it's kind out there, so we use it

A review of JoeLister by JHS
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It's the only program of it's kind out there, so we use it
13 Feb 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It is the only program, at a reasonable price, that pulls all of your Amazon listing information to eBay. It is able to pull you title,description,pricing and inventory in one fell swoop. It also gives you a place to see what you will be grossing compared to Amazon gross/product. We haven't been able to find a reasonably priced online service that offers everything JoeLister offers for mirroring and placement of products on ebay.

Could anything have been better? Unfortunately, there are a LOT of glitches. They don't pull reports from Amazon everyday,and with pricing fluctuating all the time, ebay prices lag behind. Also, when they do an updated report, a lot of times the pricing is wrong from what is live on Amazon, their math formulas are incorrect, the Amazon Fees are incorrect,pictures may pull from old reports. These glitches seem to get fixed after waiting a few days and updating, but it may be after a few updates. I have emailed with customer service quite a few times, and they don't seem to understand the more involved issues. My inquiries were sent up the tech chain of command, and they really don't resolution to these issues yet. I end up having to do math in my head,manually updating incorrect fees captured, and waiting it out until the next update hopefully fixes it.

How was the support? Basic customer service is unable to answer more involved technical issues on what/when/where they get info from Amazon, and how to correct incorrect info. They give a standard answer a few times before being forwarded to an escalated case.Tech support is unable to fix some issues. They do try to answer,though, and are very pleasant.
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