Easy, Cheap and Efficient

A review of Ki Feedback Pro by morganjean491
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Easy, Cheap and Efficient
13 Feb 2018
I like that the trial for 50 orders per month is not time limited. When I started to sale on eBay it meant that it was free for me. As I grew the fees were quite cheap.

I also like that I was able to include my 2 eBay accounts in the same subscription, same settings at no extra cost.

It's easy to setup. The app guides you thru the process.
Once setup you just forget about feedback all together.

If I get a negative it emails me the buyer infos so I can call them and it post a very nice answer to the negative feedback by itself.

Support is nice and friendly . They have some YouTube Videos to help you. The developers are accessible for discussion on FaceBook.

Overall what I like the most is that it's all automated and once setup I have nothing what so ever to do.
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