Couldn't Run My Dropshipping Business Without It

A review of Sku Grid by info130
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Couldn't Run My Dropshipping Business Without It
13 Feb 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
Overall, the flexibility is what makes the product the greatest. Sure, you can go to another software (with a much smaller user base and has less issues because of it) but you're going to limit yourself to the number of suppliers you can use and customization options. With Sku Grid, we can use over 500 supplier sources at this time, while most competitors, maybe can give you 5-10 that are stable, and may have up to 30 or so at a max. Plus nearly every aspect of Sku Grid's repricing options can be customized to the individual needs of the user. This is great since not everyone runs their business the same exact way...there are nearly limitless options. No one is touching sku grid on that. Also, I like the fact that pricing is based on what I use and I can control the subscription plans that I run or one time payments. Also, you have ability to use your same account and track your items for both Amazon and eBay accounts in many countries...again, most competitors cannot say that. Customer support has always been responsive. I've always received a response within 24 hrs and I receive helpful advice. Most of the time, if I had an issue, it was actually my own fault, but of course, sometimes it could have been system which case, their development team works hard to fix the issues. I've also noticed that they started communicating more about the bugs and fixes with their support group on Facebook. I've also made many feature requests that got implemented rather quickly. Many other softwares or development teams are not willing to budge on customizing the software to the needs of the users...especially at no cost like Sku Grid has done. I highly recommend the software all the time to people that I coach and to any dropshipper in general. It's a must have!

Could anything have been better?
Of course. Is anything without flaw? No. At first, I had wished that they communicated more about current issues or when things got fixed, but I did get my wish as mentioned above...they started providing regular updates to all people who participate in the facebook now I'm happy. Also, when there were problems with particular suppliers, we used to be at a disadvantage because we would still receive credit deductions when the items were scraped. Now, they listened to our concerns and if a problem is verified by them, they stop deducting credits for that store until the issue is resolved. Which is great. I do think the user interface could be a little easier to navigate and unfortunately, it's a site sometimes the supplier sites change their sites up which throws things off...I doubt that there is anything sku grid can do to make that better since the problem is not really their fault. But I do know that when you report the issues, they work to resolve it quickly.

How was the support?
Support was always good as mentioned above. Responses were prompt and accurate. I always received helpful advice. Representatives were friendly as well.

Overall, I highly recommend this software.
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Sku Grid
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Re: Couldn't Run My Dropshipping Business Without It
27 Feb 2018

Hello! Thank you very much for your review! It is incredibly valuable and important for us. Your support is very important for us too. We are trying to make Sku Grid better day by day. So do not miss the updates and news in our official group ( and the public page (! Thank you so much and have a nice day!
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