Suggestions wanted for Auction Management Software

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Suggestions wanted for Auction Management Software
22 Aug 2008
Howdy folks!

Like many others, I would like suggestions for which of the better auction management wares I should be looking at.

Here is some additional information that will help you guys help me.

About me: I have a brick and mortar store in the auto recycling business, Denton County Auto Salvage, of Denton, TX. We purchase non-running and wrecked autos and light trucks and harvest the good parts for sale to individuals, mechanical repair and collision repair shops. We process about 400 vehicles annually (and growing). From each vehicle, we would like to list approx. 30-45 parts per vehicle. These parts range from the larger items such as engines, transmissions, bumpers, and doors to the smaller items like sunvisors, cupholders, radios, lamps, etc.

What I want to do is (1) to have a tool that will make it simple to create auction listings of these items and simply manage the activity from listing to payment to shipping; (2) maitain an eBay storefront as well as a storefront on my own website (currently in dire need of revising); (3) have the expandability to eventually add in some dropshippers.

What I would like to software to do: (I realize many 'wares do much of these requirements, so commentary on how they do it and how well is appreciated)

  • Web based: So I can access what's happening both at the office and at home, especially as auctions come to a close.
  • Templates: For an example of what I am thinking of, check out the eBay seller "lkqonline". They are one of the big fish in my pond and are doing quite well with their online efforts. Overall template look will be the same. However, one item I need on templates is the ease to update key information such as "What is this item," "What did it come out of," "What it will fit," "What is included with the item" etc.
  • Pricing: My plans include putting both auction and Buy It Now prices. Since I'm motivated to sell, a feature that could automatically reduce the Buy It Now pricing by set $ or % increments would help greatly. On many of the listings, I'm greatful for any sale possible versus trying to hold out for max dollars.
  • Inventory Management: Not a large need, as we have a Recycling Yard IMS that does this for us (including cross referencing your request to what I have, showing me that my 1999 Suburban engine will fit your 1996 Chevy truck for example). However, we will use some of these features for upsale items like extended warranties. And we might add in information from a drop shipper. Most products I am selling are "one-off's" with a low chance of being repeated.
  • Auction Listing on eBay: Beyond the basics of scheduling, and setting the various bold and other highlight attributes, I am expecting many of my auctions to require relisting several times. So I would want something that makes this a very simple process (automated?). I also like ChannelAdvisor's relisting re-imbursement concept.
  • Post Sale:: Automation of all the emails is key. We have our own Visa/Mastercard terminal and I would like to run most of my transactions through that, though I don't object to PayPal if I need to. Starting off by keying transactions in manually is okay, but eventually I'd like to learn more about integration. We also have a UPS account so a tie-in to them to simplify label creation and tracking will be needed.
  • Store Fronts: Establishing an eBay store is key, as is using the store information on my own company website. I am also interested in cross selling on Amazon, Google, and others.

  • I think this should be enough to help you folks help me. If I left anything out, please ask questions.

    My timeline is to decide upon a service in the next week or two, as I am itching to get started and it's a good time of the year for me to "kick this pig" into outer space.


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    Re: Suggestions wanted for Auction Management Software
    25 Aug 2008
    Hi Mike and welcome to the forum

    Here are a few comments:

  • Have you tried a few manual listings to get a feel for the process and work involved? I think for your particular business there will be a lot of manual work that you will need to figure into your calculations.
  • Your business model (mainly unique items) is very similar to the consignment selling model. The best known auction management solutions are geared to product line sales, and have automation features that don't really fit with unique products (that's not to say you should dismiss them, but you would not be a typical user). Here is the category for specialist consignment selling solutions.
  • You say you like "ChannelAdvisor's relisting re-imbursement concept"... I think you mean ChannelMAX?
  • By the way, your competitor lkqonline is using MainStreet Commerce BusinessFlow (you may have already noticed that!)

  • I hope that's helpful!

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