Pallet better than expected; already in profit

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Pallet better than expected; already in profit
14 Feb 2018
I am someone who likes to get their hands on stuff and fix it if it’s broken. I like to get my hands dirty, spend some time fixing and repairing electronics and doing some refurbishing of my own. If you are like me, you will love Direct Liquidation for sure. Here are a few reasons.

I recently got delivered two pallets of electronics merchandise, a wide range of stuff. I first checked the description and they said the manifest might not be 100 percent accurate as it is unsorted customer merchandise so I was expecting to have my hands full, ripping stuff apart to put one or two products together and make them ready for resale. The thing is, it was a Walmart pallet. I still wasn’t expecting much, but Walmart is a top retailer so I decided to take a chance.

When the pallets arrived, I noticed everything was packed up nicely and there was no apparent damage on the packaging. I picked apart the pallet and grouped the products. There were some computer cables, some computer software, headphones in their original packaging, and some car antennas. The cables were all fine and I know there are still people using VGA cables so I was happy that after checking them all they all functioned ok.

Now, the headphones were the biggest surprise. As I said, these were in their original packaging. Now I found out that these were the JLab JBuds PRO Bluetooth Headphones that, according to Amazon, are fetching around $20, depending on the seller. I got twelve of these. Six were in pink and I don’t think these packages were opened at all. The other six were in some sort of a green color and the boxes have been opened, but I tested them with one MP3 player that came in the pallet (without the box) and all are working, so I was very happy with that.

The software was actually a bunch of Sony PlayStation 2 and 3 games that might not be so appealing now, but there is always a market for this stuff, at least in my experience. It might take more time to sell them, but there is always someone out there looking to pick up an old game.

There were a few laptop power adapters in there as well and I am in the process of checking them. These are universal 45 Watt power adapters and I am not sure about the demand for these things, but they are fetching between $5 and $15, so we’ll see. I also have to check if every they are in working condition.

I also got some replacement car antennas. These are Scosche antennas and after going through all the packs, out of 25 antennas I have got, there were some missing parts so I managed to piece together 16 full sets and these are around $10 at Walmart. I’ll list the remaining pieces as spare parts, or just keep them around in case I come across similar products in any of my next orders.

All in all, 80 percent of the stuff is in working condition. Some products are like new and there are a few broken pieces here and there as well as incomplete sets, but for a pallet of unsorted customer returns I’m really happy with what I’ve got and the quality of it. I’d really recommend this site to anyone who likes to take their chances.
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