Content marketing tips for brand awareness?

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Content marketing tips for brand awareness?
15 Feb 2018
I am working on content marketing for three new websites related to Jewellery, fashion & accessories.

Fashion Plaza
Make Vana
Allura Jewellery

Can someone suggest me good content marketing tips for brand awareness?

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Re: Content marketing tips for brand awareness?
21 Feb 2018

Okay, so without going through every single product, the ones that I have checked do not appear to be unique as a lot are available from other sellers. Therefore the only 'brand' that you have is your website brand.

I would advise you to get every friend and family member to like and share every post that you make on social media. This may spread the word, however you also have to make sure links work on your website.

On fashion plaza website, RSS feed and Google+ go to the product page You Tube goes to LinkedIn.

On makevana, YouTube goes to product page, Google+ goes to instagram.

On allurajewellery, facebook, twitter, RSS and Google+ go to product page, with YouTube going to LinkedIn.

Little things knock the whole buyers experience. take this page for example. If I click on the right hand side where it says Loyalty $, Save & Shop For free.Read more... it does nothing !!!! Click on Safe And Secure Payment on the footer and what does it do ?

On your websites instead of a standard 10% off when you spend over $50 or $70, use a Magento popup plug in where buyers have to like your facebook page to get a discount.

However before you start worrying about brand awareness, sort out the problems with your websites !!
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Re: Content marketing tips for brand awareness?
2 Mar 2018
Start with the definition of your buyer persona.
Who are they, what bothers them most? What are the challenges they face?
How will your product help them to solve the problem?

There are a lot of things you could learn about e-commerce marketing.
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Re: Content marketing tips for brand awareness?
7 Mar 2018
Social media is the best way to build brand awareness. Make sure that the blog titles were impressive for customers to click to your site. Based on the products, even the social media sites varies. Run a campaign. Post your ads in youtubes and instagrams for more visits. Share your offers on facebook and twitter for get more visits.

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