A review of Direct Liquidation by Victim
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16 Feb 2018
I have bought three pallets from them. The first one came in three days late but not a big deal. Their pallet shipping prices were pretty good. The pallet was missing three units out of a listed 186 pieces. Not the end of the world, jut sloppy.

We bought a second pallet. A couple days later they said it was ready to ship and we paid for the pallet and the shipping. It is now four weeks later. I have sent 4 unanswered emails asking updates. I call them and they say they can't reach the warehouse and I should call back.

The third pallet took two weeks to prep. They said the warehouse was behind. The pallet contained 107 of the exact same item. They even had a picture of it and you could see the individual boxes for each item. When the pallet arrived it was still n their proprietary wrap and tape. Inside was 84 boxes. The other 23 units were missing. I just happened to be on the phone with them at the time trying to find pallet two when we found the shortage. I mentioned to the phone person. She immediately sent me the claim forms. At least I would get my money back on the missing units.

About 30 minutes after I hung up I got a follow up email from the same person. She said "I just noticed your item was listed 'As Is' meaning we cannot accept any claims against it. So basically if its short its my loss.

I let them know their merchandise was available for their pickup and i would be refusing the charges on our credit card. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that I should accept them shorting 20% of what I purchased.

They are set up to rip you off and don't care about it. I sure wish Walmart would catch on to this **** since they keep using their name and all the merchandise has Walmart labels on it.
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Debbie Clark
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29 Nov 2018
@Victim you need to report them to the FBI, I plan on it tomorrow. They won't return my money or my phone calls after I paid to send the junk back. I'm out 220.00 bucks and I will be reporting them to the FBI, many others are. We need to fight back. They are ****mers. We need to shut them down.
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