Awesome Customer Service, Brilliant Tool

A review of CrazyLister by lyntonm
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Awesome Customer Service, Brilliant Tool
16 Feb 2018
CrazyLister is a fantastic paid listing tool for creating eBay listings and I've used it now for a couple of years - originally having a free account and then changing to a paid subscription when that became the only choice.

Firstly, the customer service is always fantastic and speedy. There is a "chat-like" window on every webpage which you can open at any time and post a question or concern in there and they usually get back to you within a few hours (at the longest). They're always friendly and helpful.

The tool itself has undergone some major changes recently - and being honest, I'm not a fan of a lot of the features - though I know other people are. It was somewhat confusing when the changes happened, but there material is there to read if you get stuck. It's good if you like things simple - but if you like having overall control over your listings (access to HTML etc) then you may find some shortcomings.

I'd recommend Crazylister to anyone wanting good quality listing templates which are suited to desktop and mobile versions of ebay. Crazylister is also fully endorsed by ebay Australia - if there are any policy changes, Crazylister are quick to have their platform upgraded in time for when the changes go live.
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Lynette Cano
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Re: Awesome Customer Service, Brilliant Tool
23 Feb 2018
Hi whats difference from these guys and JoeLister?

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