Great tool, excelent value $

A review of Efficient Era by admin990
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Great tool, excelent value $
22 Feb 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
Easy to use with video tutorials, affordable, good support, providing necessary tools for Amazon sellers.
I started using EfficientEra for my Amazon fallow-up emails. That was a life changer as I used to send review request emails manually everyday!
Could anything have been better?
would be good to have resources, blog, pricing in the members page. right now I have to log-out to be able access video tutorials.

How was the support?
Even tho I wasn't getting an immediate respond to my questions but the support team were always getting back to me and looking in to my issue within 48h or 72h.
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Efficient Era
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Re: Great tool, excelent value $
22 Feb 2018
@admin990 Thank you so much for your feedback!
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