shipping calculations on ebay

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shipping calculations on ebay
27 Aug 2008
looking at several auction software options

Looking at Channel Advisor, it appears they do not really support ebay calculated shipping. By that I mean, you put in a package weight of 1 pound, ebay tells the customer they will be charged one amount, but in CA checkout, the actual charge will not be the same...

Is this a issue will other auction software?

If I list a 25 pound item on ebay, to ship UPS, and ebay says shipping is $17.80 to the potential buyer, (according to his zip code put in the ebay calculator) then at checkout, that is what he should pay. Is this possible?

do these auction software systems "API" with ebay shipping so they agree?
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Re: shipping calculations on ebay
17 Sep 2008
I started off with Marketworks before it became MarketAdvisor. Has been a nightmare from the beginning. I can not recommend them. Initially the learning curve is unbelievable. Jeremy has been helpful in finding work arounds for one specific international shipping issue but basically the company is a problem maker...not a solutions provider. Drop outs in downloading orders has caused some problems...actually have an issue today that appears to have resulted in shipping to an incorrect address because a note from the buyer did not appear on the MA sales receipt, though it clearly appears on the PayPal invoice. In fact, over the past year it actually has cost $.50 more for each item launched as BIN with a picture and subtitle through MA than if I listed directly on eBay. That has cost me an additional $3,728.00 in eBay fees in the last year. When I asked about that issue I was told it was not a priority because not enough MA subscribers have complained or inquired. I actually regret the day I entered their booth at eBay life in 2007. Getting back to the calculator...never has worked for international...and since the May postage increase has not calculated correctly for domestic. All in all...Very unhappy customer here.

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