Store Automator for multi-channel management

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Store Automator for multi-channel management
2 Mar 2018
We have been using the software well above 3 years now. Generally we are happy. We are managing total of 12 channels including our Big Commerce store, Amazon US, Europe, China and recently add Amazon Australia, eBay store. Also we provide product feed for Google and Bing PLA, our site search company, our EMS software, Facebook Ads catalog.

What was good about this product or service overall?
They have been doing continuous updates to their software integration with new marketplaces, shopping carts, shipping software etc while improving the core features for product, inventory, order management and amazon repricing.
One thing we really like about this software and make our business run more efficient is their product content management and overriding default data mechanism for each product or channel such as descriptions, prices, repricing settings etc.

Could anything have been better?
The software does not do much when it comes to accounting integration, so we use StoneEdge for that but it nicely integrate with StoneEdge and in some cases we be able to convert other currencies to dollar so we have the accurate data in stoneedge

How was the support?
They are responsive and try to do their best to make us happy in any support case.
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