Customer support is terrible

A review of Jazva by rdubach
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Customer support is terrible
9 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
In theory this should make our lives easier and I can see where it might should we ever get enough help to understand where the bugs are creeping up.

Could anything have been better?
CUSTOMER SERVICE. I'm sitting on customer service chat right now and it's been over two hours to get an answer to a simple question. If you are like me and a small business owner you need solutions when you have time to work on the problems. Asking a question and getting a response 10 hours later doesn't really work. More often than not I get the dreaded, "We are researching your problem." I've learned that's code for we don't know how to answer this so let's see if they just forget to ask us again. In the meantime I lose thousands in profits on missed sales. NOT COOL.

How was the support?
The support was terrible.

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Re: Customer support is terrible
22 May 2018
Dear @rdubach
It is only through feedback such as yours that we are able to maintain and improve, where necessary, upon the service that we provide our valued clients. We do want to extend, with all sincerity an apology, although we acknowledge that it will not alter the outcome of your experience on this occasion. While your issue may not have been fully resolved within an acceptable timeframe, our employees do take into consideration that your time is valuable and are expected to respond in a timely manner to acknowledge your concern and/or issue.

With that being said, some cases do require our developers or product team to do a thorough analysis of the case at hand, and rushing through this process is not something we can jeopardize for the sake of providing a quick resolution. Again, please accept our apology, and we look forward to our continued partnership.
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