Biggest Pile of Crap Going

A review of Xpress Lister by Cornerstone Computers
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Biggest Pile of Crap Going
9 Mar 2018
Slow, clunky. Easily makes mistakes even if you are positive you didn't make any.

I'd only just opened a basic store on a two month free offer, got my items increased to 250. Great, I'll upload my CSV file to Xpress Lister.

When I'd finished uploading it went and automatically changed one products quantity available to 195 instead of the usual 1 so I can change it manually. This was updated on eBay without any intervention from me, it also got the price wrong.

Before I could end the item on eBay someone bought it at the lower price meaning that when I did end the item, those 194 listings were not put back onto my quota.

Way to go, I miss out on a free months subscription and I lose money on the sale.

Account closed, I'll use something else. Biggest waste of time ever in my life.
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