Interested in your money only

A review of StoreYa by badtuna
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Interested in your money only
10 Mar 2018
This company appears to be interested only in your money. We used their service for two months starting with $67 for the first month and later for $150 for the 2nd month. We did not see a significant difference in traffic / sales at the higher cost. We actually got more sales at the $67 versus $150. Also, our $150 monthly budget got exhausted two weeks before the next monthly charge. According to StoreYa, our budget got exhausted earlier than planned because performance was doing well that they sped up the process..yada-yada-yada. See below

Campaigns Status - since your last payment you have spent with us 90% of your current budget of $67.00 and gained 3 sales worth $160.00 (x2.4 Return on your money).

Settings - Your account is scheduled to be charged again with $100 on 09 March, but since performance was very well we have sped up the pace and your campaign and your current budget is about to be exhausted.

Opportunity - Reviewing your account, we can generate more sales for you should you upgrade your plan and increase your marketing budget as there is more traffic we can drive for you of the same nature.

I would recommend that you upgrade into a budget of $250-$500 using the slider at the bottom of your dashboard here, or by replying to this email with your desired budget.

As you can see, they continue to ask for more money hoping that you will be gullible enough to buy their story. The problem is that you have no visibility of what they are actually doing in terms of who they are truly marketing to with their campaign ads on your behalf. So, be very wary.
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