Good but could be better

A review of GarageSale by suzukipartsusa
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Good but could be better
11 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall? It allows you to list on eBay directly from your computer which is convenient. It also lets you create templates.

Could anything have been better? The application is sluggish and you will spend about every 3 minutes waiting 15 to 20 seconds for it to "think" (I guess saving your work) while watching a spinning wheel. Doesn't sound like a lot of time but it gets annoying. Also, GarageSale has a bad problem with losing listings. They will still be on ebay but they are no longer on Garagesale. That's not a problem if you have under a hundred listings but when you have hundreds or thousands you don't notice them missing and then when it runs out on eBay it just disappears and you have an item that is no longer for sale but you don't know it. The word processor used in creating the listings is difficult to work with and it's not intuitive. If you are used to working with MS Word prepare to be irritated. It will get it done but it ain't fun. Lastly, Garagesale claims to generate reports. However, it is functionally useless because of design flaws. I guess this is something that could be fixed but they haven't done so in the four years I've been using it.

How was the support? They will answer but their answer may not include a solution to the problem.
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