How can I find small scale Resellers for my Clothing product

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How can I find small scale Resellers for my Clothing product
11 Mar 2018
While browsing through the net I found this community a very valuable place to share ideas and get advice from. Thought I should post here to get some feedback.

So, Hello everyone. I'm Heshan and from Sri Lanka and I have an online female clothing store which sells high quality Female Clothes within the country. My country doesnt accept paypal payments from Amazon or eBay etc. therefore I dont have an amazon account or ebay to sell. The only way I sell is through my website locally and internationally. It costs alot to advertise my products to the international world. Therefore I would like to provide/ source items to buyers who sells on ebay/ amazon so that I get to expand my product in the overseas. I'm not talking about big quantities. I can source around between 1 to 10 quantity amount from each design etc.

And I provide free shipping to anywhere in the world with a tracking number. I'm hoping to find new opportunities to bond with partners/ resellers overseas to expand selling my products worldwide. I also have an idea of partnering up with people who would like to introduce my items to their friends, family, clients etc. and then once someone places an order through that reference, I can share a defined percentage of the profit with the person who referred my products to that buyer. Those who want to check the products I have, you can view them through my site:

I'm open for more ideas as to how I can expand my products listed in the website to selling overseas and looking for business opportunities with people.

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Re: How can I find small scale Resellers for my Clothing pro
31 May 2018

Hi Heshan,

Your website is not working : Kindly contact your web hosting..

The website is really important when it comes to finding or dealing either small or big retailer companies.

I would like to check the clothing that you have and let see how it goes..
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