Marketplace Alternatives?

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Marketplace Alternatives?
14 Mar 2018
Hi Guys,

So due to a fluctuations of sales on the usual Amazon and eBay we are now trying to spread our risk and list on more marketplaces.

We have joined OnBuy at the start of the year as they seemed like a great up and coming marketplace with virtually no monthly subscription in the UK and we have had steady sales, which certainly make up for the bad days on Amazon & Ebay.

What marketplaces do you guys use as we want to integrate with more? I have not used flubit or Fruugo?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Marketplace Alternatives?
15 Mar 2018

If you are just looking for UK marketplaces, then you have nothing to lose with Flubit and Fruugo. Neither charge a monthly fee so all it will cost in theory is your time.

I have several sellers that list on both marketplaces, and all have said that Fruugo is by far the better due to them listing for you internationally at no extra cost. Their customer / seller service is also exceptional.

If you are happy / able to despatch internationally then Fruugo should be your first choice, although I have heard that they are now only taking on merchants with 5000+ SKUs. If you qualify then go for it. Uniquely ( I believe) you can also increase the commission that you pay to Fruugo which they then use to promote your products further through Google ads etc. To be honest though this is probably not needed as they do promote the products quite well already.

For those that do not know, Flubit is not a marketplace or a price comparison website. Lets say you have a product listed on Amazon for £100. Amazon will take 15% of that so you get £85. You submit your price to Flubit as the Amazon price less a discount, say 10% (£90). A buyer sees your item on Amazon, enters the ASIN or description on Flubit and Flubit gives them a price that is usually lower than the one on Amazon, but higher than the one that you charge Flubit. You make a bit more, Flubit makes a bit, and the buyer pays less than the Amazon price. A winner all round !

Just make sure that your multi channel inventory software supports any extra channels before you get your hopes up !!
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Re: Marketplace Alternatives?
6 Apr 2018
HI try bidallhours you can sell direct through your website or through a bidallhours store. you can sell, auction or buy. all it costs is £10 registration for 1 year, no selling fees or listing fees.
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Re: Marketplace Alternatives?
6 Apr 2018
Well aside from Fruugo and Flubit, you can try Etsy, OnBuy or Tesco.
If you're looking to expand internationally in the US, we suggest Jet, Walmart and Overstock depending on your products.
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