Complete and total waste of time, unethical.

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Complete and total waste of time, unethical.
16 Mar 2018
Complete waste of time and effort. Took them months to get nothing more than our shop, catalog page up. No translation for any other page so no explanation of our products, features, and benefits. Only sales from them were to english speaking countries that we were already selling to. Then one day while reviewing sales history, I noticed repeat customers of ours that had purchased through the WebInterpret interface, instead of directly from our sites shop page. These orders incurred additional charges to the customer higher than what we charge for shipping and handling, (1/2 our business was already International). I wondered why these previous customers were purchasing through the Webinterpret interface. I figured out that they were hijacking our traffic and redirecting it to their interface through their plugin. I confronted the rep we had been working with and he confirmed just that. They do nothing to market or get your site/business any additional traffic. As far as I'm concerned, they are a complete and total fraud. I would also suspect that most of their positive reviews are posted by them.
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