Good software !! Works well and has many great features

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Good software !! Works well and has many great features
17 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?

So far the software works well and solves many issues that my last software did not such as still allowing orders that contain kit/bundle items to be sent for fulfilment by Amazon.
You can also link or merge products that have different sku's on different channels.
Listing appears to work well. Invoices and other documents can be customised.
The software also fully supports the eBay, Amazon etc European markets which my last software did not. Apparently this is also true for the US / International marketplaces.
You can also bulk update prices for any set of products using a number of options like increasing/decreasing prices by a set percentage.
You can edit listings within Selro and then update either all or just part of the listing.
FBA stock is labelled which helps alot with identifying products and so too are different product types such as simple, configurable and bundles.
The software is easy to use and is mostly self explanatory.
I am told repricing is not currently available but is coming soon.
Multiple currencies are supported.

Could anything have been better?
No major issues but as with all software there is always something.
For example It does not appear that you can add items to existing orders i.e for when a customer wants something added but I guess you could create a new manual order.
There is no generic csv shipping export/import option but I have found the built in UK Mail one is customisable so i just use this to configure an export csv format and it works fine. No generic csv shipping import is currently available to import tracking numbers but hopefully this will be added in the future.
The shipping workflow procedure could perhaps benefit from a more step driven approach such as orders moving through more steps to separate them and some more navigation options such as back buttons etc.
A new ebay / other messaging feature is now available within the software which hopefully will be a big help as It's developed further. I am told although not now supported the aim is to link ebay messages to orders which will solve a very real problem.
The user manual does cover many areas but could be expanded to cover more of the system but a quick email asking for help solves any issue you might have.
Overall although there are small issues here and there the software fundamentally has a good logic and is stable.

How was the support?
So far, so good. I have only been testing the software for a few weeks over the trial period but have received good support so far. The staff have taken the time to listen and provide help when needed and have already said they will address some of my specific issues relating to pick list customisation and some other areas whithin the next coming days.

Overall considering everything including features and pricing for my needs I think the software is currently the best available fro my needs so i have signed up to a monthly plan.

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