Was good, now avoid!

A review of CrazyLister by BoJack
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Was good, now avoid!
18 Mar 2018
Used to be an excellent product, good value for money, did what it said on the tin, with decent enough reliability. (4.00+/5)
Since a "recent" update, where they "forgot to communicate" that the way the system works will change completely overnight and it will not be compatible with variation listings anymore....now we cant change 80%of our listings as they are not supported anymore, until i find a suitable replacement.
Contacted support, they were just shaking their virtual heads in defense, rather than help just apologising.
Avoid!, if you do are running a serious operation which requires a reliable product, this isn't one anymore. : /
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Re: Was good, now avoid!
4 Apr 2018
Hey @BoJack ,
Thanks for taking the time to review CrazyLister on WebRetailer and Facebook We really do appreciate all feedback, positive and negative.
Indeed CrazyLister has changed, mostly for the better! We have created our very own lister which allows you to manage your listings and template within CrazyLister - rather than going back and forth between CrazyLister and eBay.
Non the less, we did drop the ball when it comes to variations. I see that our support team has already notified you that our development team is working diligently on bringing variations back to CrazyLister. We know how important variation listings are to all of our users and want to make sure CrazyLister can do it all for you.
Look out for an email from us about any updates! We'll be in touch
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