Soar to New Heights with Cloud Commerce Pro

A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by Karen R
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Soar to New Heights with Cloud Commerce Pro
21 Mar 2018
I signed up with CCPro last year and I am more than happy with our choice! I admit that I was a bit nervous at first because there did seem to a few poor reviews out there.

No poor review here though!! I have not experienced anything other than great service. We are not live yet (and I will review CCPro again once I am) - but the progress and communication have been pretty good. We are nearly there and I can see the bones of the system in place now. I am confident that it will deliver and that, if any technical issues do crop up, they will be ironed out.

Now I'm not saying that it is a plain sailing process getting set up but keep your eye on the goal. There have been hiccups of course, but that is to be expected when setting up a new system. Like any major project, you need to be on the same side as your provider and I find these guys very easy to work with.

Clients seem to come to CCPro with individual needs and it is credit to them that they manage to fit round whatever you are looking for. I hope to meet Debbie, Oliver, Helen and Len in person sometime at their offices in Lancaster - in fact, if I lived near them, they would probably be my new friends!! : )

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