Revolutionary with ncreased turnover

A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by gshonline
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Revolutionary with ncreased turnover
21 Mar 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
The product is exactly what I wanted when researching for a solution to my intergration issues. I cannot wait until our website is up and running so we can expand further. The difference it has made to our dispatch system is astounding, cutting hours off our process every day. Well done Tony and team. Sorry I need to call so often but we are getting there.

Could anything have been better?
Not really, we have got or should I say getting (website) everything we needed. We are getting used to the data side and are helped every day , by Sarah, Mel, Nick & Stefan amongst others on this score. We are still fairly inexperienced but help is always on hand when we mess something up which we sometimes do!

How was the support?
As I say the support is alwasy been good and although you cannot always get through to who you want, there is usually someone else who can help. I have no issues with anyone in this department. All Good!!
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