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A review of Cloud Commerce Pro by lions7478
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Review of Cloud Commerce PRo
21 Mar 2018
we are online retailer selling more than 3000 skus on multiple channels, since 2016 we are using cloud commerce, and since than we never found a need to change or stop using this software.

It's very Relailable as cloud based never crash fast sync with channels and very good customer support.

It comes with all the main feature which any online business needs
one inventory many channels to sell on, orders at one place, stock sales reports, picklist, book with couriers with single click.

every day we print orders do booking with couriers, launch new items through cloud-commerce to Amazon or eBay,

it has many features which are very easy to use and rather than logging in to many different sites to make updates you can do all at one place.

First we add Inventory to cloud and than launch an item to ebay, amazon, you can have multiple ebay and amazon accounts.

We Save our time on repeated tasks and spend that time on the things which generate more business.

I would highly recommend this software,
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