What is the best search tool for car buyers?

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What is the best search tool for car buyers?
13 Sep 2008
My wife and I have been avid eBay users for almost 10 years now and although we love most things about it we still would like to see them fix some things. In particular I would love to have more options when it comes to doing complex searches and better ways of collecting data on past sales. We would be very grateful if any of you could make some recommendations to us based on what were looking for below. I think the best way to describe the kind of software that would make our buying so much more efficient is with an example of an eBay car search.

This search process can be broken down into two parts;
1. The collection of data based on past cars sold to understand what is an exception value and what is the cost of buying one model vs. another.
2. And… after gathering enough data the actual process of searching active listings for a deal similar to the few that stood out as the benchmark for exceptional value.

When it comes to point number 1, data collection; I’m looking for a tool that I can schedule a complex search to pull in new auctions of eBay items that have already sold. I want it to compile these “example auctions” into organized groups based on my search criteria and I would like to only have one instance of each auction regardless of the frequency for the search pull. It would also be a bonus if the program saved auction web pages off line so that if I wanted to refer to them many months later they would still be viewable.

As for searching active listings, I think eBay is close with the way they break down searches with the exception of one major flaw, they don’t allow you to exclude auctions that have a “reserve”. Yes, it is possible that someone will list a 2008 Audi with a reserve of say “$5,000” (though I have never seen an example of this) but it is almost certain that if they have a reserve the reserve is going to be far higher than the cars that fall under our classification of “exceptional value”. If any of you know of a search tool that allows you to do the same complex searches as eBay with the additional ability to exclude auctions that have a reserve I would be very happy to hear about them. It would likely mean I would stop reviewing 500 auctions a week and only have to look at about 5.

Thanks in advance for those of you who answer.

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Re: What is the best search tool for car buyers?
15 Sep 2008
Hi thinkoutside, welcome to the forum

Completed Items Research

Here are the directory power search results for analysis tools that support eBay Motors.

Of those Terapeak supports Parts & Accessories only, Get4It includes eBay Motors but its slow and lacking in features, and SellerDome is a seller rather than listing research tool.

To get to the point, , take a look at AuctionIntelligence. AuctionIntelligence collects the completed listing data you tell it to, so fits your description very well. It has a 2-week trial then its $15 per month. The eBay Motors add-in collects Motors-specific attributes, but its a steep $50 per month. I would take the trial and see if you need the add-in or not.

There wouldn't be any harm in checking out Get4It, as it is a free tool.

Searching Active Listings

You have more potential choices here, but I would look at Munnin and Prospector first. If they don't filter by reserve price I doubt any other search tool will. Munnin does detect if the reserve price is not met, so I'm hopeful that it will do what you want

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Re: What is the best search tool for car buyers?
19 Sep 2008
Hello thinkoutside

If you are looking for researching only cars on eBay , we have the perfect tool for that you .
Click on the link below , we do offer a 2week trial and this information that we provide is accurate info directly from ebay and you can also look up 90 days of data.

We also provide data for eBay motors parts and accessesories for this you can go to www.vendio.com/services/research.html

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