A few useful ebay related sites

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A few useful ebay related sites
16 Sep 2008
www.powersellersforum.com - A free and independent eBay and online auction help, advice & expert discussion forum, free eBay auction templates, eBay search tools, free eBay Store advertising, HTML help, Paypal advice & help, wholesale suppliers & scam warnings.

www.localbargainfinder.co.uk - This unique search site has now been updated to find even more eBay bargains in your area. Searches the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

www.ebay-alternatives.co.uk - If all of the changes on eBay have proven too much for you, why not have a look at some of the many other alternative auction sites and buying & selling venues.

www.bidded.co.uk - If you get annoyed by people who use the term "biidded", then refer them to this site to educate them in the error of their ways!
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Re: A few useful ebay related sites
17 Nov 2008
There are a lot of auction online and that stand as eBay alternatives offering NO FEE upon registration this days for both seller and buyer.

Just catch those that are newly launch.

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Re: A few useful ebay related sites
28 Jan 2009
I have found Auctiva.com to be a great assistance with my eBay store worthit2u.com They have free image hosting and very easy set up for different style listings. One of the coolest features would have to be the consignment feature. Now I can sell and track all expenses for the people that I sell for.

Another great sight that I have found that helps generate traffic to my eBay Store WorthIt2u.com is a web sight that also pays you to shop at eBay and over 300 major retailers. That sight is BigCrumbs.com Not only do people get paid with paypal.com for there savings but it is also like Social Networking for Shoppers at the web sight where you can make friends and share information on deals!





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