I really regret switching to Channel Advisor

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I really regret switching to Channel Advisor
27 Mar 2018
I completely and utterly regret switching over to Channel Advisor. I'm counting down the days until I can get out of contract.
The sales guys were very very agressive. I received weekly calls from them for almost 2 years. i was promised it was everything I needed and they would provide full support to get up and running.
Throughout all communications prior to signing up I maintained that I do not need a "glam" listing tool. For me it was crucial that all the inventory on CA would also sync with my Opencart Webstore. I understood I would need to pay an additional fee to CA's partner developers to integrate but was told CA was going to manage/oversee all. Obviously I could only go live onto CA once all my marketplaces and website were fully in sync. Otherwise it was of no use to me.
Shortly after my contract started I received contact from a lady in charge of getting my products onto Amazon. That was her only job and she very clearly had a deadline to do this. She was great but not able to help get the other channels/website in sync. So I couldn't go live anyways.
My contract started in May 16, I could not use Channel Adviser until end Nov/Dec 16.
Throughout this whole time I had to pay fully; because in their eyes; the account was switched on and they were doing their job.
From point of signing contract it was virtually impossible to get in touch with sales/agents ever again. No one seemed to have any clue about integrating my website, and everyone maintained it was not their dept and I needed to fully project manage the integration myself with the developers; whom I couldn't get in touch with.
CA blamed the developers, the developers blamed CA. I blame the sales that massively over sold this product.
7 months & 10k wasted before even live.
I was given 1 months credit in condition they were allowed to add an extra month onto my contract period after they acknowledged any delays from their side. By this time I'd already lost 4 months at least. From this point it took a further 2-3 months to sort.
When up and running CA is really just a "glam" listing tool. Good for Amazon. Not good for eBay.
Prior to using it I was using another service which cost 1/4 of the price. It was limiting in terms of reporting but I couldn't wait to get back to it.
I initially signed up to a year contract. It has been a huge waste of time and money, I finally decided to take the hit, cut my losses and request to give a month's notice and terminate my contract with CA.
Annoyingly I hadn't realised they auto - renew contracts, so now I'm stuck paying for 5 months without even using it. (It should have been only 4 months - but I also have that extra month's credit they gave me for their delays added onto my contract)
Throughout the time I have used this service my sales have also dropped substantially.
I'm absolutely gutted I ever switched over to CA.
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Re: I really regret switching to Channel Advisor
10 Apr 2018

Hey Sam, thanks for the heads up. Which software were you using before?
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