Spoonfeeder and Rainworx

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Spoonfeeder and Rainworx
16 Sep 2008
Has any one used SpoonFeeder to export listings to a rainworx powered site? I am abouit to try as soon as my rainworx soiftware for www.wxtrade.com is upgraded. Then I can list all my products onto my auction iste as well as my ecommmercie site wher I use Litecommerce ( www.OneToRemember.co.uk )

it would be greate to hear from anyone who has tried this sort of thing. I then want to go a step further. I undretsand form spoonfeeder that I wiull be able to adapt my auction site to take feeds form anyone using spoonfeeder. I hope that this will give the site a real boost as there are no fees to use our acution and classified site so I hope that lost of people will use it.

I look forward to your comments.
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