Easy to use, does a great job, quite pricey

A review of Skubana by Michel Jung
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Michel Jung
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Easy to use, does a great job, quite pricey
29 Mar 2018
There are tools that I hope I never have to work with. Fortunately, Skubana isn't one of them. I was completely new to logistics when I first used it 5 months ago and didn't know what I was doing, but I found my way around rather quickly. Here's what I like in particular

* Great customer support with short response time
* Feels stable
* Mostly intuitive
* Feature-Rich
* Short loading times
* Rather modern UI

Another good thing is the Marketplace, especially that it allows you to write your own app for it.

The biggest downside is its high price. Of all services and software we use, it is the most expensive one but maybe that's just because the price is (probably) calculated based on the number of orders and revenue - both of which don't say whether or not your company is making a lot of money ;-)

Other than that, there are not many cons I'm aware of. The UI could use some small improvements here and there (filterable tables, ambiguous use of the word "Export", fields that look editable but aren't) but those are really just minor issues.

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