A review of ShipStation by Jax Music Supply
Max Meadows, VA United States
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3 Apr 2018
We had tried ShipStation for 2 reason - the automation rules and the only shipping solution that integrated with a marketplace we sell quite a bit on. There are several things that caused us to go back to our prior shipping solution.

[b]1. Orders missing items. No way to add them (see number 5).
2. Automation rules, my main reason for trying them, do not work consistently, even the simple ones. So we still have to check to make sure orders are processed correctly.
3. An order was not imported at all causing a customer issue.
4. Order search functionality does not work consistently. We have to use several different ways to find the tracking number or other information for an order.
[b]5. You cannot modify any orders imported a marketplace. That's nuts as customers sometimes add items or change the size, etc.
[/b]6. You cannot duplicate an order.
7. No order status - only a hold.
8. Pick list is not customizable. They put the quantity on the far right with the SKU on the far left. It is easy to miss on the pick list that more than quantity one was needed. This causes us to go back and get another item.
9. They do not allow shipments to Russia. It is a small but important market for us.
I outlined this to my personal representative asking where the value was and never received a response. When I brought some of these issues earlier, they blamed it on the marketplace's API. That was B.S. since Teapplix (which I still have active) had no problem. She wanted me to call Amazon about the missing items issue. I finally outlined it was not an Amazon problem and also reminded her it wasn't proper to ask paying customers to debug their software.

This was a very disappointing experience. It could be a great solution if their advertised functionality worked correctly AND they finished debugging their software.They have been around for awhile now and should have corrected these issues.
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