I couldn't imagine NOT using ShipWorks!

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I couldn't imagine NOT using ShipWorks!
5 Apr 2018
I've been selling online since 2001 beginning with eBay and have moved through a lot of learning stages over the years how to ship my packages more efficiently. Here is what I love most about ShipWorks:

Amazing Customer Support:

Their customer support is amazing. Anytime I have a problem I don't have to spend ten minutes identifying myself before a tech can help me. I simply click on a few buttons to bring a box up to enter a PIN number given to me by the tech that allows him or her access to my computer. Every tech I've worked with has been incredibly knowledgeable and has been able to resolve any problem I've had very quickly. This remote control feature is a huge timesaver whenever I need help quickly.

ShipWorks Provides a Complete Database of My Customers and Orders:

ShipWorks makes printing shipping labels a snap, but I also love the fact that I have a complete database of all of my customers and orders. That's really helpful if a customer needs support. I can look up orders easily by name, order number, state, city etc. I can do this very quickly while my customer is on the phone with me.

ShipWorks Integrates Well With Seller Active for Multiple Sales Channels:

Presently I'm using Seller Active to sell on multiple channels including Walmart.com and Amazon, and ShipWorks integrates smoothly with Seller Active. ShipWorks also integrates with Channel Advisor, which I highly recommend to AVOID, and it integrates well with Stamps.com which is the company I use to purchase my postage. I use all three of these businesses together in one package and it saves me a LOT of time handling orders.

I could write a lot more positive comments about ShipWorks, but I've mentioned the most important features I use. The software has a lot of other uses and capabilities that I've just not had the time to learn how to use yet. I highly recommend ShipWorks and could not live without it. :-)
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