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A review of WidgetChimp by Ant_dtservicing
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used to be good
6 Apr 2018
What was good about this product or service overall?
It was a great eBay listing template. Very good user interface. Very impressive results and cost effective. Sadly following the ebay updates re: secure content it no longer works correctly.

Could anything have been better?
Communication during the ebay update period could have been better, there was radio silence and this caused a lot of concern. Customer support could have been better, often you get the impression that the person answering the emails does not actually know how the product works. The related items could have been better, letting users customise what items were shown.

How was the support?
Not great sadly, I think when WC launched, the product and support was good and WC was IMHO a smaller company and so therefore more personal. As it has gotten bigger, the support has pretty much plummeted as evidenced by 1. our personal experience (waiting months for support ticket updates/resolution), and 2. the poor negative reviews WC now gets online on forums and ebay chat boards.

Will it turn round?
I do not know, and in conclusion I do not know if it needs to - as ebay becomes more standardised and less customised, there is not as much need for unique templates (SAD (). However, if WC can get back on top of the functionality and offer video then I think it could be a great product again. Like most companies, when you grow and get cocky it takes a reality check to actually stop what you are doing, strip it back and focus on the core basics. Like Chris said, remember where you started and do it well. Do not take on too much, just be the best at what you do.
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