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9 Apr 2018
When I started working in the FreeeUp marketplace, I stopped searching elsewhere.

I’ve been providing services for FreeeUp clients and its internal team for almost 2 years now and counting, but been providing multiple VA services for almost 5 years to global clients.

- FreeeUp pre-vets and only hires the Top 1% of freelancers.
- They don’t hire newbies, so clients are sure to get high-quality services, and the freelancers get to be matched with high-valued/VIP clients in return.
- Freelancers get to declare the rate they deserve based on their expertise level. No need to bargain or bid for super low rates just to get a project/client.
- Clients get to be introduced to candidates fast (within 24 business hours), and freelancers should respond to a client introduction within 24 business hours as well (win-win).
- Freelancers need not wait for weeks/months/years for a client’s response to their job proposal, as FreeeUp introduces you to clients who are in need of your services right away. And in rare cases where a client hires you but takes a while to give you a task to get started, you are free to accept other clients to fill up your time. By the time your client reaches back and gives you a task but you’re no longer available by then, FreeeUp introduces another worker on your behalf. It’s a first-come-first-served basis (win-win).
- FreeeUp management handles issues very well and professionally, that at the end of the day, they make sure both clients and freelancers are happy.
- Your freelance business growth is very fast as long as you keep working hard and comply with the FreeeUp marketplace’s best practices.
- You get to work with a dynamic and diverse team who are comprised of a very supportive mix of US and Non-US freelancers and experts whom you can count on should you have any questions with your task, pay, or just anything in-between.
- FreeeUp highly values everyone’s feedback and takes real action on them as the need arise.

- I’ll come back after xxx years as I can’t think of any right now. ;-)

My experience with FreeeUp is just exceptional. :-)

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