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Bad Customer service & major spammers.

A review of CrazyLister by Jmor
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Bad Customer service & major spammers.
11 Apr 2018
I don't even know where to start.

1) They use mislead potential customers with misleading Webretailer reviews. Their site shows their "webretailer score" but it isn't updated, so they constantly look better than they are.

2) Customer service is horrible. I've sent in message after message and gotten no response or short responses that don't even answer my question. There is no way to escalate and I have bad listings on eBay and can't get any help.

3) They spam their name all over your eBay listings and if you have the audacity to close your account, they change their logos into big "THIS ACCOUNT IS CLOSED" messages that make it look like we aren't selling any products.

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Re: Bad Customer service & major spammers.
12 Apr 2018
Hey @Jmor ,
Thanks for the review! Good or bad, we always want to know what our users are thinking so that we can make CrazyLister the best it can be.
Our current WebRetailer rating stands at 4.5/5 stars from 60 reviews and our website shows 4.5/5 stars from 52 reviews. We'll make sure to update that!
I'm sorry our customer support team hasn't provided the service you are looking for. CrazyLister used to use the red banner when a user was still using CrazyLister but is no longer paying for the service - like using CrazyLister for free! This has been discontinued. If you saw the red banner, please let us know!
With minimal information in your ebRetailer review, we weren't able to find you to reach out and apologize. Please reply to the private message you will receive from us and we'll make sure we make up for the mistakes we've made.
We look forward to hearing more feedback from you and to make sure that you are nothing but satisfied with CrazyLister
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