I wish I would have heard of this earlier!

A review of FeedbackTuner by ozw
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I wish I would have heard of this earlier!
17 Apr 2018
The thing I have the least is time. FeedbackTuner really came around and helped me with it's automation.
Since I started using it I've managed to get more positive reviews and it freed up so much of my time and can tend to things I never could have before using it.
It even gave me free templates to base my emails on that did a great job.
It was a breeze setting up.
I wan't sure if such a tool would help me, but I saw their 30 days free trial so I thought "why not?", I wasn't risking anything.
I'm so happy I decided to give this a try, now I know how smart that decision was and how much it helped me.
I strongly suggest any Amazon seller who wants to get more positive reviews to use this.
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